TopScore Pro DAT Review

TopScore Pro DAT Review

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The TopScore Pro DAT review course has been around since 1998 and they have done a good job at continually updating and improving their software over the years. They have one of the most popular test simulation software products on the market today.

TopScore Pro is a good product to use once you have been studying and are ready for some full length practice tests. The test simulation software is not meant to take the place of an actual review course like Kaplan, The Princeton Review, or Chad’s Videos. It is merely practice tests to give you actual experience in taking a test that is similar in format and difficulty to the actual DAT. It also helps you to gauge where you are at in your preparation and understanding of the material as well as to give you a relative idea about how you would score on the actual Dental Admission Test.


When purchasing Top Score Pro you get three full length practice tests, score reports and solutions to problems. They also offer a study guide for the DAT that goes for $10.

However, the study guide is more of an outline of what you should know for the DAT and not an actual study guide. The test software is very similar to the actual DAT and is great to use for that purpose so that you will already be familiar with the style and format of the actual DAT before test day.

As far as how the practice tests are in relation to the actual DAT; here are my thoughts for each of the four different testing areas.

Survey of the Natural Sciences

  • This test is about similar to or slightly harder than the actual DAT.

  • I believe you will score very similar or even slightly higher on the actual DAT compared to your scores from these practice tests.

  • The practice tests typically do a good job at portraying what areas of Biology are the more common areas to be tested on for the actual DAT, but it is difficult to prepare for the Biology section as the information is so vast due to the many fields of Biology and the much wider pool of information that these questions are derived from.

  • Don’t think that if you see a pattern of similar Biology questions in a practice test that your actual DAT will be the same way. Expect to have a lot of variation and a wide array of questions on the Biology section. It is the hardest section of the DAT to be fully prepared for, because there is too much information to know everything.

The Perceptual Ability Test

  • The TopScore Pro PAT is slightly easier in my opinion than the actual PAT.

  • I found there to be some repetitive questions throughout the three TopScore Pro Perceptual Ability Tests.

  • I personally like Crack the DAT PAT best for the PAT and would recommend it for your PAT preparation.

The Reading Comprehension Test

  • This test is fairly similar, but slightly easier than the actual Reading Comprehension Test on the DAT.

  • I believe it’s easier, because the questions on this practice test are nearly all direct questions about the text. These are questions that all you have to do is look back through the text and find the answer.

  • The actual DAT on the other hand is not made up of just these types of questions. There are more variations in the types of questions with more questions asking more about the tone or feeling of a passage than anything else. There are also questions that ask about which sentence or thought could end or complete a passage.

The Quantitative Reasoning Test

  • This test is similar, but I felt it was slightly easier than the actual DAT.

  • It is still a good representation of the actual DAT and I think you will find your scores to be fairly similar on the actual DAT compared to your scores on the practice tests.

  • You can also try other practice tests besides TopScore Pro that are similar as well to the actual Quantitative Reasoning Test such as Kaplan or The Princeton Review.

Additional Information

Upon completing each of the three full length practice tests on TopScore Pro you will be given a score report. This report is scored similar to the actual DAT in order to give you an accurate representation of what the DAT will be like and relatively what your scores will be like.

You are also provided with solutions to the problems so you can learn why you got questions incorrect. These are helpful to have in order to learn from your errors. It seems like the solutions are just copied and pasted out of resources to explain the basic concepts for the answer and at times may seem unclear why something is right or wrong. They are still helpful, however, in gaining some information from the practice tests.

The test software is very similar to the actual DAT and is a good representation of it. You will be more comfortable with the actual DAT by taking these practice tests, because you will be familiar with the timing, structure and format of the test beforehand. The software is available for Windows or Mac.

TopScore Pro has been continually updated since its creation in 1998 and the questions are written by college professors and DAT test experts. They are reviewed by current dental students and dentists, and others specifically familiar with national testing boards – like the DAT. They offer an error free guarantee which essentially means that there are very few if any errors in the practice tests. They will pay you $10 per error that you find and submit along with your reasoning for it being wrong and the correct solution. It could help put a few dollars in your pocket if you can find any!

TopScore Pro is very affordable and offered at a reasonable price which is why it is probably the most popular test software on the market. Once purchased, you will have access to the software for 7 months!

Hopefully you never need to contact TopScore Pro, because they have poor customer service. I have tried to contact them via telephone and email multiple times over a long period of time and have only received support one time. I leave messages and send emails yet they never return phone calls or email me back. If you need to contact them then hopefully you get lucky and can reach them!

My Suggestion

Remember that TopScore Pro is testing software only. Don’t get it and think that this is all you need to prepare for the DAT. You need review sources such as: Kaplan, The Princeton Review, or Chad’s Videos to study from first. After establishing a solid foundation of knowledge you could then use their testing software to test your knowledge and track your progress.

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