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Last Updated:April 12, 2018
Kip Nielsen
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best dat prep courses

Choosing a great DAT prep course is an important step if you plan to score high on the Dental Admissions Test. It’s crucial to find DAT study materials that are best for your learning style. But, how do you figure out which DAT review course is right for you? Every DAT prep course company claims to have the best product, yet picking the wrong review materials could waste you hundreds of valuable study hours and lots of money.

I have personally tested and used all of the best DAT preparation courses, study materials, and books on the market so you don’t have to! The chart below is aimed at helping you figure out which DAT course is best for you. If you can’t decide on a course, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll personally help you find the right one.

Click Below To Research the Top 6 Best Dental Admissions Test (DAT) Exam Review Courses & Online Study Materials of 2018

DAT Prep Courses Kaplan DAT

Princeton Review DAT

Chad’s DAT ExamVideos

Crack the DAT

DAT Cracker

Gold Standard

COMPANIES Kaplan DAT Prep Course Princeton Review DAT prep course CourseSaver DAT Exam Videos Crack The DAT Study Materials DAT Cracker Review Course The Goldstandard DAT Review Course







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#1 Kaplan DAT Review Course

kaplan dat review


Learning Styles: With a variety of courses available Kaplan makes it possible for any type of learner to receive instruction in the way that serves them best; whether that’s working alone, attending a class, or working with a private tutor.

Comprehensive: Kaplan offers a thorough comprehensive review course that provides detailed content for every section of the DAT. Material is presented in different formats, such as: instructional videos, textbooks, or flashcards; to engage and help all types of learners.

Practice Questions: Kaplan provides you with a large bank of practice questions and full-length practice tests to get you prepared and ready for your actual DAT. Working through practice questions is an important part of preparation for just about any major test.

Price: Their review courses are high quality and therefore, come at a high price. Be ready to fork out a nice lump of cash in order to prepare for the DAT with Kaplan.



#2 Princeton Review DAT Prep Course

the princeton review dat prep course


Attention to Detail: The Princeton Review offers thorough explanations about everything so that you are never left in the dark. You will always know what to expect and how to prepare for it. They have a very well structured and organized review course.

Learning Styles: With a variety of courses available they make it possible for any type of learner to receive instruction in the way that serves them best; whether that’s working alone, attending a class, or working with a private tutor. This helps show the versatility of their DAT curriculum.

Comprehensive: They offer a thorough comprehensive review course that provides detailed content for every section of the DAT along with numerous practice questions and full-length practice tests to get you ready for test day. Material is presented in different formats, such as: instructional videos, textbooks, or flashcards; to engage and help all types of learners.

Price: Their review courses are high quality and therefore, come at a high price. Be ready to fork out a nice lump of cash in order to prepare for the DAT with The Princeton Review.


#3 Chad’s Videos (CourseSaver DAT Review)

coursesaver dat review


Simplicity: Chad is one of the few individuals in this world that possesses the gift of teaching any concept in a clear and concise manner making learning and understanding easy. Prepare to understand concepts that you never did before with Chad’s effective teaching style.

Video Library: The video library is extensive and is made up of short, concise and engaging instructional videos by Chad himself. The videos will keep your attention and you will learn more from them than any other video or review material for the DAT.

Affordable: You have the freedom to choose what topics or subtopics you want to purchase and for how long. This allows you to take charge of your learning and only pay for what you feel is necessary. Subscriptions are affordable on any budget.

Not Comprehensive: Chad’s strength is in both the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry sections of the DAT. The Quantitative Reasoning section is another well-made section that you should consider using, but their review materials for Biology are not complete as of now and there are no review materials for the PAT or Reading Comprehension.


#4 Dat Cracker Review



Exam-Identical Software: The practice exams and simulations are presented in the same computerized format you will see on your test day including the proper time limits, break policies, and rules for moving through the exam content. The difficulty level of the tests are very similar to the actual DAT and they are some of the best practice tests you can get.

Analysis Report: Following each practice test you will receive an analysis report that gives a breakdown in categories of all the questions. This comprehensive analysis will help you to analyze your strong and weak subject areas, show you how much time you spent on each question, how many times you changed your answer, and a myriad of other tools that will assess your overall testing strategy.

Detailed Explanations: The written and video explanations for the practice questions are well-done and extremely informative. These are great features to access after completing a practice test. You will learn a lot from them in order to increase your scores and excel on the DAT.

Price: Their review materials are high quality and therefore, come at a high price. Be ready to fork out a nice lump of cash in order to prepare for the DAT with the Crack the DAT testing software.


#5 Gold Standard DAT Prep Course



Simplicity: The Gold Standard is able to present and teach information in a easy to follow and understand manner. Their DAT preparation course offers thorough explanations about everything and do a good job at stripping down difficult concepts and presenting it in a simple way.

Comprehensive Multimedia Resource: They offer a detailed and thorough review course suited for any type of learner. Their book set is filled with detailed content for every section of the DAT. They also have a video library and MP3 files that covers everything you need to know.

Organic Chemistry: The Organic Chemistry section in The Gold Standard book is slightly weak and does not include any practice questions. They make up for the lack of material and practice questions in the book by providing online practice questions and additional material.

Price: Their review courses are well made and therefore, come at a higher price. Be ready to fork out some cash in order to prepare for the DAT with Gold Standard.


Best DAT Prep Courses of 2018 – Rankings!

DAT Prep Courses RANKING
Kaplan DAT Review #1
Princeton Review DAT #2
CourseSaver – Chad’s Videos #3
DAT Cracker #4
Gold Standard DAT #5


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Best DAT Prep Courses
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14 replies
  1. Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur says:

    Im a student and trying to get on the videos page via your link for the offer of one week. For some reason, i can’t get on your page. its saying “failed to open page”. please help me!

    Thank you

    • Kip
      Kip says:

      Hey Jasleen,

      Sorry for any issues that you are having with the website! From time to time something happens, but the site will always come back up if it is temporarily down. Are you still having issues? E-mail me if so. Thanks!


  2. Nikoll
    Nikoll says:

    I took the Kaplan course and got a low score unfortunately the second time around I took too long due to being scared and my course expired. I really don’t want to pay 600 for 3 more months especially because I took extensive notes, have the flash cards and also both the books. However, my test is May 28th and don’t have a set plan. I also have the destroyer books and the crack DAT PAT but need a source for practice tests as well as section tests that will be harder than the actual test …Can you please help shed some light on a not so expensive but correct path towards a high score. Thanks so much

    • Kip
      Kip says:

      Hey Nikoll,

      It sounds like you have a pretty good game plan on how to approach it this time. DAT Destroyer is a good source of practice questions that are harder than the actual DAT, I think those will help you quite a bit in preparing you for it. I think Crack DAT PAT is another good choice for PAT and you should definitely be prepared for it by taking all of their tests and using their materials. If you need some good review material for Chemistry then look at Chad’s Videos. For a quick reference Biology review guide try CliffsNotes. For inexpensive practice tests then look at TopScore Pro. They are good practice tests that are fairly similar to the actual DAT. Some of the sections are slightly easier than the actual DAT, but it is a good representation of it. I’m about to post some information on DAT Cracker which is another test software like TopScore Pro and is a good representation of it as well. It should be up in about a week so check back for it, because I’ll be offering an exclusive discount with it so you can save some money on it. There’s also DAT Bootcamp which I’m working on getting something set up with them in the future. Hope that helps, e-mail me if you have any more questions!


  3. Sucheta
    Sucheta says:

    Hello! I am planning on taking the DAT for my recent interest in Dentistry. I actually was pre-pharmacy until now. I’ve taken the PCAT and scored relatively well. How will that help me on my DAT? I am audio learner and what materials would help me achieve my best possible score on the DAT. I am new to this, so I need a lot of help on where to begin without spending a ton of money. I graduated in December 2014 with my Bachelor’s in Biology so that background will also help me. Also, I feel that DAT PAT will be the most challenging for me, what can I do to master it? Where can I get used/cheap destroyer books, kaplan books, and etc? I have not scheduled my DAT because I want to be 100% sure on my plan, and goal before I began. I would love your input. Thank you, in advance!!

    • Kip
      Kip says:

      Hi Sucheta,

      That is good you already have some experience with a graduate level entry exam so I’m sure you can take a lot of your knowledge and experience into the DAT and do well on it. I am not very familiar with the PCAT, but I believe it has Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning like the DAT. The only section new to you will be the PAT section. Read over my post about the Dental Admission Test to get a better idea about the DAT. Those science topics on the DAT will probably be a little more broad, more so in Biology, then they were on the PCAT, but it should be easier for you to start studying for the DAT and prepare for it.

      Since you have a good basis from your pre-pharm background you could just get one comprehensive course like Kaplan that will have everything you need, but it’s not cheap. I would look at the On Demand course if you do consider it. The best PAT materials are Crack the DAT in my opinion, but it isn’t cheap either. Check out the Crack DAT PAT options on the page though, because they are great materials that could definitely help you do well on the PAT. Those two sources would be everything you need I think with your background, but it’ll cost you around $1,500 for all that. If you felt like you needed some help with the Chemistry sections then throw in Chad’s Videos.

      If you want to try and stay as cheap as possibly, but have audio review materials then consider Chad’s Videos for your Chemistry, some of Biology, and Math subjects. Also, you can look at J Co Review which covers the sciences and the PAT portion of the DAT. A cheap Biology review guide like CliffsNotes would probably be good for you with your Biology background, it’ll cover things you need to know without going in to a ton of detail since you already have a strong background in it. You could consider DAT Cracker or TopScore Pro for practice tests, both of those are cheaper. Those are some of the cheaper review materials available yet still good resources to use.

      If you are looking to try and find some used review books then look on Student Doctor and search under the classifieds. Good luck with everything and e-mail me if you have more questions!


  4. Carla Lapino
    Carla Lapino says:

    I just too my DAT….. scored over 23 in all sciences…..I used Kaplan, DAT DESTROYER, CHADS videos……..Good luck

  5. Omarie
    Omarie says:

    Hey, I’m trying to get the discount for Chad’s Videos but for some reason when I’m going to checkout the discount is not working. What can I do?

    • Kip Nielsen
      Kip Nielsen says:


      The discount for Course Saver is only available for first-time users that have just signed up on Course Saver. You can read through the comments on my website that discuss the discount and issues that people have had to try and resolve it or contact Course Saver and let them know. I only provide the discount, if there’s issues on it with Course Saver’s website then I would address that issue with them. Thanks!


  6. Saloni Agarwal
    Saloni Agarwal says:

    Hey i am international student from india wanting to know more about dat prep tutors in canada(calgary) as well as in india … please help!!

  7. Hasmig Lily Ayvazian
    Hasmig Lily Ayvazian says:

    I want to take the DAT exam, but I don’t know when and where to take? I live in Lebanon and I want to continue dentistry in US after graduating with BS in Nutrition from LAU. Now i will start my Junior year this August ( August 28, 2017) and I want to start my graduate studies on Fall 2019. Also, I don’t know which textbook is the best for me to get prepared for the DAT. I liked the Crack the DAT software but unfortunately I don’t like studying online. So if can someone please recommend me a helpful DAT Study Book. I will appreciate any help since I really need someone for assistance.
    Thank you in advance!


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