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DAT Cracker is a relatively new web-based DAT prep company that has been gaining some recognition in the pre-dental field. They offer an affordable DAT review package that is made up of multiple practice tests for every section of the DAT.

Their subscription can be paid for on any pre-dental budget which is why they are definitely a company to consider when deciding on what materials you should use to prepare for the DAT.


DAT Cracker has a very friendly user interface allowing you to easily navigate around the website and find the information that you are looking for. They offer free diagnostic tests for each section on the DAT which all you have to do in order to access is to register on their site. I’d highly suggest taking some of the free diagnostic tests to get a feel for their material before purchasing a membership with them.

DAT Cracker offers only one option of materials available for purchase. It includes several practice tests for every section of the DAT and adds up to be 45 practice tests in total. Here is the breakdown of how many practice tests they offer for each section:

  • Biology: 4 tests
  • General Chemistry: 4 tests
  • Organic Chemistry: 4 tests
  • PAT (Keyholes): 4 tests
  • PAT (Top-Front-End): 4 tests
  • PAT (Angle Ranking): 5 tests
  • PAT (Hole Punching): 4 tests
  • PAT (Cube Counting): 5 tests
  • PAT (Pattern Folding): 3 tests
  • Reading Comprehension: 3 tests
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 5 tests

There are also randomized tests that you can take as a new option for every single section listed above, except for PAT (Pattern Folding) and Reading Comprehension. They are currently offering a promotional rate for their materials which is half off of its original price. You can save even more money by using our exclusive CRUSH the DAT discount to save an extra $10 off of your purchase. Once you click on one of our links to purchase a membership with DAT Cracker you will automatically receive $10 off your purchase.

Following each test you take, you will receive a score report via e-mail that will provide you with an estimated score for that test. It will also help you to identify your weak areas so that you can focus on improving them. Your scores can also be submitted to their leaderboard so that you can compare your scores with other users to see where you stand. Detailed explanations are provided for each question on the tests so that you can learn from them. They are helpful, but there are some explanations that are slightly vague and not as detailed as they could be. They are still helpful though to try and understand the concept being tested on in the question.

After purchasing a subscription with DAT Cracker you will have 5 months of unlimited access to the materials. The nice thing about it is that you only need an internet connection to access the materials; no downloads are necessary. You can take the tests as many times as you want in that 5 month period. You are also entitled to receive free updates to the materials.

DAT Cracker also has a blog where they post advice and information about topics related to the DAT or dental school. You can receive customer support from them any day of the year with their 24 hour 7 days a week customer service. They are great at customer support and addressing your needs or concerns and always respond within a 24 hour period.

DAT Cracker has partnered up with DAT Cram Cards, a mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. This app contains flashcards for several sections of the DAT, the sections are Biology, General Chemistry, and Quantitative Reasoning. They have over 2,200 flashcards for Biology, 680 flashcards for General Chemistry, and 180 flashcards for Quantitative Reasoning.

You can track your progress with the app to see how you are improving over time in your studies. It’s easy to use, like DAT Cracker, and the illustrations and images that they have help to understand difficult concepts. You are able to mark the cards so that you can focus on concepts that you do not understand well and need more practice on and also skip the cards containing concepts that you already know. You can search through the cards by keyword to find concepts that you want to study more. You’ll receive free unlimited updates to the apps and can contact DAT Cram Cards through the app if you have any issues or questions.

The nice thing about DAT Cram Cards is that they offer a guarantee with purchase of their apps. If you don’t score at least a 16 or higher on the section that you studied with DAT Cram Cards then they will refund you your money times two back to you. That’s not a bad guarantee, but you should be able to score at least a 16 on these sections regardless of whether you studied with their app or from another DAT review material.

My Suggestion

DAT Cracker is an affordable and relatively useful tool to use for preparing for the DAT. The practice tests are fairly similar to the actual DAT in format and in difficulty. There are several sections that are slightly easier than the actual DAT, but overall they do a fairly good job at representing the DAT. It is one of the cheapest subscriptions of DAT practice tests on the market and with the CRUSH discount it is even cheaper. I would like to see full-length practice tests offered instead of individual tests for each section so that you can really get the feel of the actual DAT, but you can still get good experience and practice with these individual section tests that they offer.

The answer explanations are decent and can be helpful to understand the material better, but you will definitely need good comprehensive review materials to use with these practice tests. Their practice tests will be helpful in assessing how you are doing in your studies, but you will not be able to learn and understand as much from them as you would an actual review source. You should purchase a comprehensive review source to really learn and understand the material and DAT Cracker will serve as a source of extra practice questions and tests in order to be prepared for the DAT. The more practice questions you do the better so DAT Cracker makes it easier to access more practice questions and gain more experience by offering an affordable membership.


DAT Cracker Review Breakdown

1. Affordable
2. Free Diagnostics Tests
3. 45 Practice Questions
4. Estimated Score Reports
5. 5 Months Unlimited Access
6. DAT Cram Cards Mobile App

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