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Chad’s Videos, also known as CourseSaver, is a top-notch DAT review course for pre-dental students. The instructors, Chad and Alan, have been using their video review courses to teach pre-health students for over 12 years. This longevity and experience really sets them apart from their competitors.

Simply put, their course is one of the best teaching tools on the market today. It is hard to find anything negative to say about CourseSaver – they have a well-thought-out and thorough review course that will help any pre-dental student increase their scores on the Dental Admission Test.


course saver mobile imageCourseSaver offers a review course that includes a video library known as Chad’s Videos, outlines for each section and quizzes. Though not a comprehensive review source, it does cover the important sections in their entirety and others partially. I will go through each test and explain what is covered by Chad’s Videos.

Chad’s Videos is an instructional video library where the namesake expert teaches the material for the DAT to a pre-health students. It is a clear and concise video library that makes learning the material easy – you feel like you’re in the classroom.

Videos allow you to hear Chad explain the concepts in length – for many, this is preferable to reading a textbook and learning without any guidance. The videos can be played at two different speeds, fast or normal, which allows the viewer to skim the material or spend more time learning the concepts.

CourseSaver also offers 40+ free DAT videos and hundreds of other free videos so that you can preview the material and expand the breadth of your learning. I would recommend checking out the free videos before purchasing them to see if it’s something that would benefit you.

Chad’s Videos, along with the additional outlines and quizzes, provide great review material for the DAT. The General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry sections are the standouts of Chad’s Videos, and, in my opinion, are the best review sources on the market. The Biology and other three tests of the DAT have some material to review, but they are not complete or as good as review sources as the two Chemistry sections.

Let’s go over the material that Course Saver offers and see if it can help you.


  • Outlines: Overviews of each lesson are available to download. Review the outlines for each lesson so you know what will be covered. Take notes on and use them to review material after completing each section.
  • Videos: The videos in this section are not complete, but they are available for no charge. They could be helpful, but I would recommend using a different resource like Kaplan to provide you with a more comprehensive review of Biology.
  • Alan’s Notes: These are key Biology terms and definitions that Alan has put together. These are good terms to know for this section and can be helpful to have while studying.
  • Quizzes: These contain over 400 questions available to test your knowledge.

chads videos scienceGeneral Chemistry

This section, along with the Organic Chemistry section, is the main reason why you should study with Chad’s Videos. If chemistry isn’t your forte then you will probably experience numerous ‘ah-ha’ moments while Chad reviews material that you never understood fully before, but now do thanks to Chad. He has a way of explaining concepts in a manner that is simple and makes the most frustrating and difficult concepts easy to understand.

  • Outlines: Outlines of each lesson are available to download. Review these for each lesson so you know what will be covered. Take notes on the outlines and use them to review material after completing each section.
  • Videos: The videos in this section are awesome. It is worth every penny to use these videos for your General Chemistry preparation. Unless you’re scoring near perfect scores on your practice tests, I believe that you will find these videos to be incredibly valuable.
  • Quizzes: These contain over 300 questions to test your knowledge.

Organic Chemistry

This section is the other standout section of Chad’s Videos. In my opinion, it is the best Organic Chemistry review source on the market today.

  • Outlines: Overviews of each lesson are available to download. Review these for each lesson so you know what will be covered. Take notes on the outlines and use them to review material after completing each section.
  • Summary of Reactions: These contain a summary of all the reactions you should know for this section.
  • Videos: The videos in this section are awesome. It is worth every penny to use these videos for your Organic Chemistry preparation. Unless you’re scoring near perfect scores on your practice tests, I believe that you can get something out of these videos and they will help your scores to improve.
  • Quizzes: These contain more than 200 questions to test your knowledge.

Perceptual Ability Test

The only part of the PAT that is covered by CourseSaver is the Angle Discrimination (Angle Ranking) subtest, however, there are plenty of questions available to practice this subtest. I would definitely use another resource such as Kaplan or Crack DAT PAT for the rest of the subtests of this test.

  • Quizzes: Over 1,100 questions available to purchase and test your knowledge.

Reading Comprehension

There is one incomplete sample for this test as of now. Try looking at Kaplan or another resource to get practice on this test.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quizzes for this test cover a lot of the material on the exam, however, not everything. It is a good foundation, but additional review sources are recommended.

Additional Resources

Waxing Videos

These instructional videos cover basic information on waxing and provide you with some examples to see how to wax up a tooth. They can be beneficial in helping you to begin developing these skills for dental school, but I don’t think this is necessary to have practiced beforehand. It could give you an edge against your classmates, but don’t feel pressured to practice waxing before beginning dental school.

NBDE Review Courses

CourseSaver has quizzes for both the NBDE Part 1 and NBDE Part 2 Board Exams. There are almost 6,000 questions for the NBDE Part 1 Exam and roughly 1,000 questions for the NBDE Part 2 Exam. These can be helpful and will provide some additional practice while preparing for boards.

College Review Courses

Course Saver also offers review courses with outlines, videos, and quizzes for the following courses: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Biochemistry. These can be very helpful to anyone trying to get by these courses with the best grades possible. Maintaining both a high overall GPA and high Science GPA is crucial for getting accepted into dental school. If you are struggling with any of these courses in your undergraduate career, then consider getting these review courses to help you earn a high grade and keep your GPA up.

How to study with Chad’s Videos?

The best way to study with Chad’s Videos is to treat this review course like a college course.

  • Print out the outlines for each section you are studying
  • Review each outline before watching the videos for that section
  • Take notes throughout each video
  • Review notes following each section
  • Do practice questions for each section you studied
  • Review the questions and learn why you got any incorrect
  • Review the video or your notes again if your scores on a section are deficient, and then do more practice questions

I would recommend doing some of the quizzes that you can purchase through Course Saver for practice questions – you could also use additional resources.

My Suggestion

I would highly recommend using Chad’s Videos for your Chemistry sections, as I feel there is no better review source on the market for Chemistry. Chad’s Videos will give you a great foundation for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, but you need to do lots of practice questions to make sure you solidify that foundation and can take your scores to the next level.

I would look at getting supplemental review materials in addition to these videos. I would recommend looking at Kaplan or The Princeton Review for a comprehensive review course which would provide you with additional practice questions as well as multiple full-length practice tests.


Free Trial

CourseSaver now offers a 1 week free trial to all new members on their site. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to experience all that they have to offer before even making a purchase!


CourseSaver has some unique features that make it more useful to pre-dental students than other review sources on the market. They have a forums section on their website to post questions and get support from other users, or even Chad or Alan. They also have a chat feature which enables you to interact with other users as well.

They have great customer support; every time I’ve needed to contact them via email they have responded in a very timely manner.

Course Saver Coupon Code and Discount

You can’t beat the prices for the quality of the review material on CourseSaver. In my opinion this is the best material for the best prices. All purchases are non-refundable. You can purchase the material for a period of 30 days. After the 30 days if you do not cancel your subscription then you will be automatically subscribed to another 30 days. You may cancel at any point and receive a partial discount at that point if you have not finished your 30 day subscription. For example, if you used the videos for 45 days then you would be charged for two 30 day subscriptions and then upon canceling on day 45 you would receive a partial discount for the remaining 15 days of your second subscription.

You may purchase individual sections of a test instead of having to purchase everything (i.e., You can purchase just the General Chemistry section instead of purchasing the full review course).

This is another great feature of CourseSaver. They know that you might not need to review everything in a section, so they give you the option to only buy what you need instead of having to purchase one complete package like other review sources on the market.

We have arranged an exclusive discount with Course Saver for our readers only. Any new user to Course Saver will automatically receive a 15% discount off their entire purchase.


You can access your material on CourseSaver anywhere that you have internet access. They also have a desktop app which enables you to download Chad’s Videos with internet access and then load them on to an iPad, Android, Mac or PC device to view later even without internet access.

I know I have been raving non-stop about Chad’s Videos, but it is really difficult to find anything negative to say. I know it seems too good to be true, but I’ve tried it out and have seen or known of countless other individuals that benefited greatly from using this product.

I studied with some of the videos and found myself understanding things I had never understood before. I felt more confident in Chemistry and finally had a more solid foundation in order to score better in it.

Don’t be foolish and think by just watching the videos you will have this miraculous change where you all of a sudden score in the high 20’s on the Chemistry sections. You need to work at it, but Chad’s Videos, I believe, are the right materials that can give you what you need in order to take your scores to a higher level.

There are other great resources as well, but this is one I would put at the top of the list and definitely consider. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to share them below!


Chad’s Videos – CourseSaver DAT Review Breakdown

CourseSaver ReviewStrengths
1.Top-Notch DAT Review Course
2.One Of The Best Teaching Tools Available
3.Easy To Learn Videos
4.General Chemistry & Organic Chemistry Are The Best
5.Additional Questions Available To Purchase
6.NBDE Review Courses

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